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Hong Kong High Limit Sports Betting

Wealthy bettors in Hong Kong that want to bet and potentially win very large amounts of money need to know which betting sites offer the highest betting limits and winning limits.  Most sportsbooks only target to the average bettor that plays for recreation.  Given this, most betting sites keep their limits relatively low to avoid large losses.  All the sportsbooks I list below are reputable and solvent enough to accept some of the highest stakes.

Sports betting sites set their limits for bettors generally in two different ways: 1) by the amount won in a given day in a given sport, or 2) by the amount allowed to be wagered on a particular event and by the type of bet like the total, 1x2 (moneyline) or against the spread.

I list the betting limits below for my recommended Hong Kong betting sites best for high stakes players.  If you require the highest betting limits for as you choose a betting partner, this page gives you the information you need to make a sound choice.  For the ultimate high stakes players, Pinnacle is likely you best option.  Remember, it is only legal to use these sites outside of Hong Kong, but they will accept your registration unlike most other sites that have banned Hong Kong players altogether.  If you use them within Hong Kong, you do so at your own risk.

Pinnacle Sports Betting Limits

Pinnacle Sports does not limit how much any player can win in a given day like the other listed sportsbooks.  They limit solely based on the amount that may be wagered on a given type of bet for a given league or event.  Pinnacle does not list its full array of limits on site.  However, when you register and log in, every event in your interface will clearly display the betting limit for that particular event.  The information below will help you understand the limits for the most popular events in British Pounds.  If you play in another currency like the Hong Kong Dollar, the limits will be set at the rough currency equivalent.

Pinnacle has no withdrawal limits at all.  You will only be limited by the given banking or funding method that you select and several of these have no limits at all with Pinnacle.

Event/League        Handicap         1X2           Total

NBA                       £50,000       £20,000       £20,000

NHL                        £5,000        £10,000        £5,000

MLB                       £20,000       £30,000       £10,000

EPL                       £30,000       £20,000        £10,000

NFL                       £50,000       £20,000        £30,000

BetFred sets its limits based on the maximum daily winning amounts by any account holder on the day the last bet is resolved within the given sport groupings listed below.

Horse Racing

£500,000 – where all selections are for horse racing in the U.K. or Ireland, and covered by a full service (betting shows, offs, and results broadcast by S.I.S. and displayed on this website)

£50,000 – for all overseas horse racing, or where any of the selections are not covered by a full service (as detailed above)

£250,000 – For Ante-Post racing

£50,000 – Forecast Doubles, Trebles and Fourfold

£50,000 – Virtual Horses

£50,000 – Tricast Doubles

TOTEPOOL – There is No Limit to any totepool bets processed via Betfred.com

TOTE BETS – (INCLUDING BETS STRUCK AT FOREIGN TOTE RETURNS) Our limit is £250,000 to any one person or syndicate in any one day.


Limits apply depending on which tracks are involved.

GROUP A: £250,000 to any B.A.G.S. meeting covered in full (betting shows, offs and results broadcast by S.I.S. and displayed on this website) or by Sky Sports.

GROUP B: £100,000 Greyhound Racing covered by Sky Sports or UK terrestrial TV(any track).

GROUP C: £25,000 to the following tracks: Crayford, Hove, Romford, Wimbledon.

GROUP D: £10,000 to the following tracks: Belle Vue, Monmore, Sunderland, Nottingham, Newcastle.

GROUP E: £2,500 any other track.

£50,000 – Forecast Doubles, Trebles and Yankee

£50,000 – Virtual Greyhounds



£500,000 – For all main European Leagues (English Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2, Scottish Premier League, Champions League, La Liga Primera, Serie A, Bundesliga and Le Championnat Premiere), FA Cup, English League Cup and International Matches and Competitions.

£100,000 – For Scottish Leagues 1,2 and 3, Europa League and Main European Leagues (see above) National Cup Competitions.

£50,000 – For Minor Leagues, not stated above and Domestic Trophies not mentioned previously.

£10,000 – For all Australian Soccer.


£250,000 – For all golf tournaments.

Other Sports

£100,000 – i.e., rugby, cricket, boxing, tennis and any other Sport not listed independently.

BetFred Sports Betting Limits

Pinnacle Sports Banking Limits


No Limit


User set


No Limit



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