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Hong Kong Sports Betting

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Hong Kong Dollar Sports Betting

As I’ve outlined on the homepage, the only place for people from Hong Kong to legally bet is the Hong Kong Jockey Club.  I also outline that some superior sports betting companies still accept Hong Kong registrations.  While it would be illegal to use these sites from within Hong Kong, they are legal to use outside Hong Kong.  So if you find yourself travelling a lot, it makes sense to use these services in comparison to the HKJC which has several limitations.

Of course, if you do want to bet with a superior online sportsbook, it makes an awful lot of financial sense to select one that offers Hong Kong Dollar betting accounts directly.  This eliminates the issue of currency exchange fees.  This simple benefit can save you 3% to 5% on every deposit and withdrawal with your sportsbook and if you intend on betting a lot, these kinds of fees can add up to a large sum.  Better to save those fees for your own enjoyment.

Both of the sportsbooks listed below offer Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) betting directly without currency exchange for residents of Hong Kong.  Remember that if you move forward that you should only use these services while you are outside of Hong Kong.  In using these services, ensure that you bank with them in a safe and appropriate manner given the laws of Hong Kong.     

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The best sports betting sites for bettors living in Hong Kong

Pinnacle Sports operates as a reduced-juice sportsbook.  This means they don’t advertise & the savings is passed back to bettors with consistently higher paying odds on all sports and offer very high limits. Read the Pinnacle Sports Hong Kong review.



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